Ten dodgy fossil fuel deals hurting the banks

Wiggins Island

Share this story The demise of the fossil fuel industry just got real for Australia’s big banks. Having provided the debt that fueled the last big fossil fuel boom, the likes of ANZ, CommBank, NAB and Westpac now find themselves exposed to projects that are both environmentally and financially toxic, as markets for fossil fuels tumble and the world looks … Read More

Newsletter: Coal-free banks in five years?

Coal Free in Five Years

It’s a little more good news this week. Our latest research shows how the big banks’ loan books could be coal free within the next five years, simply by letting loans to coal power plants, mines and ports expire and not extending their support for the sector.

MELBOURNE 25 May: Join our super funds divestment team!

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Much of Australians’ superannuation is funding dangerous climate change, water and air pollution and destruction of farmland and forests. All over the world responsible financial institutions are divesting from coal, oil and gas companies for both moral and financial reasons. This divestment trend is gaining momentum. Do you want to be part of a team that helps move our retirement … Read More

Can the big banks be coal free in five years?

Coal Free in Five Years

Whether or not they realised it at the time, Australia’s major banks signed up to some radical changes at the end of 2015. They all came out in support of the goal to hold global warming to below two degrees, recognising the role they had to play in helping the world achieve that goal. Keeping global warming below 2°C means … Read More

“Anything but coal!” Rio Tinto shirks Bulga locals over mine expansion

Judith, Rob and Annemaree heading in to the AGM

Rio Tinto’s Chairman and outgoing CEO side-stepped questions from three Bulga residents on the impact of the controversial Mt Thorley Warkworth coal mine expansion at their annual general meeting (AGM) on Thursday. The three “Bulgarians” – Annemaree and Rob McLaughlin and Judith Leslie – were able to attend the AGM in Brisbane thanks to an incredible response to our crowdfunding campaign, which … Read More

QBE dodges questions but offers dialogue


Market Forces representatives attended the QBE AGM in Sydney on Wednesday. QBE is the largest insurer in Australia by market capitalisation, and operates across 37 countries employing over 14,000 people. QBE is also a critical ally to the fossil fuel industry – it underwrites offshore oil rigs, gas storage and pipelines and coal mine construction. Earlier this week, we rebranded … Read More

Defend environmental advocacy – Government report wants to silence us!

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    Government taking aim at #environment groups, stifling #advocacy work. #defendenviroorgs #friendoffoe https://t.co/fSXDyl5iB4 via @theage [emailpetition id=”8″] The proposed changes to environmental organisations would be devastating to our work. We need community members to stand up and support Market Forces so we can survive these attacks on environmental groups.

Bulga to Brisbane update: Thanks and final preparations

Rob and Annemarie square

After an incredible response to our crowdfunding campaign, Bulga residents Aneemaree and Rob McLaughlin and Judith Leslie are now preparing to take their fight up to Rio Tinto at the company’s annual general meeting (AGM) in Brisbane on Thursday. The crowdfunding campaign has less than a day remaining, and any further contributions will go towards the Bulga Milbrodale Progress Association and supporting our … Read More

Media Release: New campaign targets QBEs climate hypocrisy

Monday 2nd May, 2016 As QBE prepares for its Sydney AGM in Sydney on Wednesday, Market Forces has today launched a new campaign calling on the insurance company to stop ‘making climate change possible.’ Activists this morning visited the company’s headquarters in Sydney, to colourfully highlight the company’s role as a major insurer of fossil fuel projects which, by increasing greenhouse gas emissions, drive … Read More