ANZ biggest gambler on dirty coal and gas exports

Melbourne, 31 May 2013 A new interactive map has been published that identifies ANZ as the commercial bank lending most heavily to coal and gas export projects along Australia’s Eastern seaboard, including in the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area. The map, by Market Forces in partnership with, allows … Read More

Market Forces 2013 budget response

Melbourne, 14 May 2013 Responding to the 2013 Federal Budget announcement, Market Forces Lead Campaigner Julien Vincent said: “When it came to the major opportunities for boosting the budget by cancelling polluter handouts, the Government has again cowered to the lobbying and pressure of big mining at the expense of … Read More

Financing Reef Destruction

Our report, Financing Reef Destruction, describes the threats faced by the Great Barrier Reef as a result of expanding coal and gas exports, and expose which banks have been most actively funding coal and gas export projects inside the World Heritage Site. Click the cover image to view the report. … Read More

Coal and gas concerns could shift $247 billion in super funds

Melbourne / Canberra, 11 March 2013 Polling has revealed that a quarter of superannuation fund members – representing $247 billion in pooled funds – would be prepared to move change superannuation funds if their current provider is found to be invested in coal and coal seam gas. The poll, conducted … Read More

Adani group fails to disclose significant material risk

Melbourne, 11 March 2013 Market Forces has today alerted the Securities and Information Exchange Board of India to a significant material risk to the Adani Group, which the company has failed to disclose to the market. Coal from Adani Group’s proposed $7.1 billion, 60 megatonne per annum Carmichael coal mine … Read More

Queensland leads public opposition to mining industry fuel subsidy

Melbourne, 24 January 2013 A nationwide survey has revealed strong opposition amongst Australians to fossil fuel subsidies. The poll, commissioned by new finance campaigning organisation Market Forces, comes alongside a new assessment showing federal subsidies to fossil fuels increasing by billions in the next few years. Currently, through the Fuel … Read More