Thailand proposed LNG projects


This database is compiled and maintained by Market Forces. Market Forces examined the proposed LNG projects that have not reached financial close or have material prospects of being commissioned in Thailand as of July 2022.

Project data was collected from Thailand’s PDP 2018 Rev, official government documents, publicly available resources, company websites, news and research reports and subscription based financial databases by IJGlobal and Thomson Reuters. Where there was a difference in data provided by sources, the most reliable source was taken as authoritative.

Criteria for inclusion: LNG-based projects (LNG to power with >200 MW capacity, LNG pipelines, terminals and Floating Storage Regasification Units (FSRUs) that have not reached financial close as of July 2022.


The projects list compiled by Market Forces is not an exhaustive list of all gas and LNG projects in Thailand. Gas power projects powered by domestic gas, where known, are excluded.

Market Forces has made every effort to ensure the analysis and information provided in the database are sound, but cannot guarantee the accuracy or correctness of any of the data collected from external sources.

Market Forces is an environmental advocacy project that focuses on financial institutions, and not a financial adviser. This material is provided for general information purposes only and is not to be taken as financial advice. Market Forces disclaims any liability arising from the use of information provided in this database. This is a non-commercial product for public dissemination only. Not for sale.


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