Thanks for taking action!

Thanks for sending your message to Westpac. The campaign to stop the Carmichael coal mine has reached a critical point so it’s wonderful news that one of the biggest potential financing threats is now out of the running.

Tell insurer QBE to rule out insuring Adani

QBE has revealed it has an existing relationship with Adani, supporting their businesses and shipping. The Carmichael coal mine needs insurance as much as it needs finance and now we know that QBE is a prime candidate to be approached by Adani.

Help shut down the next big funding threat

Commonwealth Bank is now the only major Australian bank to have not made a clear statement against financing the proposed project. The bank ended an advisory role to Adani several years ago, but they have never made a firm commitment against financing the mine.

Commonwealth Bank could now be the difference between whether or not the Carmichael mega coal mine goes ahead or not. Send the bank an email, asking them to categorically rule out financing Adani dirty Carmichael coal plans.

Send one more email: Keep public funds out of Carmichael coal!

The Australian Government wants to lend $1 billion of our public money to open up the Galilee Basin to coal mining. Tell the Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility (the NAIF) that this is an outrageous proposal!