Thanks for taking action – CBA banks on notice

Congratulations on putting CommBank on notice!

Great – you’ve put your bank on notice and we’ve sent you a copy of your email, along with a bunch more information on how to switch banks and make it count.

Supporting you on your bank switching journey…

If you’re a bit daunted by the prospect of switching banks or just want to know what happens next, we’re here to help.

We’ve sent you an email with information and resources to help you take the next step. You’ll probably be wondering about the process of actually switching banks and have a bunch of questions about what’s involved and what your options are. We can help with some of that.

We keep a list of over 120 banks, credit unions and mutuals, showing where they stand on investing in the fossil fuel industry. We also have a guide on how to switch banks and make it count, showing you the steps in the bank switching process.

We’re happy to be as involved as you want us to be as you go looking for a new bank. If you have any other questions or want to share any responses from your bank, you can contact us at [email protected]

Making it count

Market Forces is happy to be able to help you align your money with your values, and the main reason we do this work is to get positive, lasting change from the big banks. We’re trying to build a conversation about how Australians don’t want their money connected with dirty fossil fuels and you can only be part of that conversation if you speak up!

You’ve already sent a message to your bank, but please make sure your friends, family and the public know what you’re doing and why. The more people raise their voice, the sooner the banks will realise they need to stop funding fossil fuels! You can see some of the divestment stories we’ve been sent here.

Spread the word!

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