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At Market Forces, we achieve a lot with a little. Our campaigns have already shifted hundreds of millions of dollars away from institutions that fund environmentally destructive projects. But we need your help to do more:

  • Keep exposing which banks are lending billions to fossil fuels
  • Fighting against more subsidies being given to fossil fuels
  • Cut off support for Adani’s dangerous coal mine
  • Continue helping Australians shift their money from banks and super funds invested in environmentally damaging projects

As a small not-for-profit we need a regular, reliable source of funding from caring people like you, chipping in a little each month to help us grow. Please use the form below to sign up as a regular donor. It’s fully tax deductible and even a small amount each month will help us achieve big things.


Your donations will be processed by our parent organisation, Friends of the Earth. Friends of the Earth Australia (FoEA) is a deductible gift recipient as defined in the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997 (Cth). Donations over $2 may be tax deductible. We encourage you to seek independent tax advice to determine whether you are entitled to a tax deduction. You may donate to FoE Australia with the request that your donation be applied to a particular campaign. However please note that all donations are made to FoEA, who have the ultimate discretion as to the application of the donation. Thank you so much for your support!