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Despite the fact that the available carbon budget continues to diminish, fossil fuel companies remain on the lookout for new reserves around the world, blatantly disregarding public and governmental efforts to curb climate change.

Our research has revealed fifteen of Australia’s biggest fossil fuel companies spent $12.7 billion exploring for more fossil fuels from July 2012 to June 2016. Just ten foreign companies spent a further $14.6 billion on fossil fuel exploration in Australia between 2013 and 2015. What’s worse, half of these companies are encouraging exploration through executive remuneration, and super funds are voting – with your retirement savings – to keep paying these dirty bonuses.  Read more about the research and take action here.

The great threat is that, with the sustained push to discover and extract more fossil fuels, their availability as sources of energy will mean that they are used to an extent that causes catastrophic global warming.

Read through the sections on this page to find out more about the dangers posed by rampant fossil fuel industries and take action against the banks and super funds that continue to support them.

Is your bank lending to fossil fuels?
Put them on notice!