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AURECON: engineering climate catastrophe

Engineering consultancy Aurecon is one of the few companies left still working for Adani on the disastrous Carmichael coal project in Queensland.

On its website Aurecon claims to “feed environmental and social considerations into the planning of every project” it works on. Yet it is providing services for the Abbot Point coal port as part of a project that threatens water supplies, trashes traditional owners’ land rights and will fuel ever-worsening heatwaves, bushfires, droughts and storms.

Helping ramp up the use of one of the world’s dirtiest fossil fuels in the midst of deadly global warming is the opposite of considering the environment and social impacts.

Contact Aurecon and ask it to stop helping Adani steal our precious water, undermine aboriginal land rights, ship more coal through the Great Barrier Reef and ruin our chances of bringing global warming under control.

Over 50 major companies have refused to work with Adani. Aurecon can do the same.

Are you an Aurecon staff member? Please complete our staff survey here.

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Want to work for a company that's helping wreck the environment, while undermining traditional owners? No, neither do…

Posted by Market Forces on Wednesday, 6 March 2019