Companies that could make or break the Carmichael Coal Project

Coal haulage companies that have failed to rule out Adani

One of the critical services that Adani has yet to lock in for its disastrous Carmichael mine is coal transportation.

There are only three companies in Australia equipped to haul Adani’s coal. Genesee & Wyoming have already ruled it out, while Aurizon and Pacific National have so far refused. Aurizon and Pacific National are well aware of the environmental, social, financial and reputational risks associated with Adani’s Carmichael coal mine. Help to push them over the line by telling them to #StopAdani in its tracks!

Coal haulage companies that have failed to rule out Adani

AurizonAustralian rail freight company, with major coal haulage operations. Applied for a loan from the NAIF to build a rail line between the Galilee Basin and Abbot Point, but withdrew in February 2018. Adani proposed railway line from the Carmichael mine will link to Aurizon’s existing network. While Aurizon has to negotiate with Adani regarding access to its rail network, it does not need to agree to haul Adani’s coal or put any of its own money into upgrades.
Pacific National logoPacific NationalRail freight company with major coal haulage operations. Has said it is open to hauling Adani’s coal.