Online Campaign Webinar

2016. This is going to be a year where climate change commitments turn into concrete action, shifting finance out of fossil fuels. Where divestment out of coal, oil and gas goes from a steady stream to an unstoppable torrent, driven by people in their thousands taking action to hold governments and financial institutions accountable.

The momentum is now with us on climate change action and we have big plans to make 2016 a huge year, full of success. We want to share those plans with you, our friends and supporters.

Since Australia is a big place and we can’t be everywhere, we are holding a webinar (online seminar). Come and virtually meet the Market Forces team, find out what we will be up to this year and how you can be a part of it.

People who join the webinar will also get a look at our newly upgraded (and yet to be released) Super Switch website and the latest research on which banks were the biggest lenders to fossil fuel projects in 2015 (and therefore our top targets in 2016!)

Thursday 25 February, 7-8pm (Eastern Daylight Savings Time)
At your computer

Please RSVP in order to get the instructions for how to log on.

You don’t want to miss it!