RSVP – AGM Training 2019

  • Thanks for being part of our shareholder activism work!

    By volunteering your time you’ll be helping to push companies, and the financial institutions supporting them, to minimise their impact on the environment and climate.

    Please complete this form to help us plan and tailor our training sessions:

  • Training sessions

    Our training sessions equip volunteers with the information and skills they need so they can competently ask climate-related questions at shareholder meetings.
  • (We’ll do our best to choose a venue that meets people’s needs)
  • (Light refreshments are provided during training sessions)
  • Annual General Meetings (AGMs)

    Once you’ve completed the training, we’ll organise for you to attend company AGMs on behalf of concerned shareholders.
    AGMs are usually held in a central location on business days throughout September, October, November and December, often around mid-morning.
    Each AGM you attend requires about 2-3 hours of your time including prep, attendance, and debrief.
    (This is not required for all AGMs but is useful for some)
    (Some AGMs attract media attention; attendees are not required to speak to media but we offer free online training for those interested – details TBA)
  • (This is not a requirement but it can help us allocate questions that are more financial or technical in nature)
  • (This can be about the training, attending AGMs, or shareholder work in general)