Christian Super MySuper (My Ethical Super)

Australian share investments
Key: Fine Work to do Borderline Out of line Not Disclosed
19% 53% 12% 16% %

Christian Super discloses a complete list of its investment holdings. At 30 June 2019, we calculate around 16% of the MySuper option’s Australian share investments was in companies actively undermining the climate goals of the Paris Agreement, including Woodside, Santos, and BHP. Since then, the fund has updated its coal exclusion policy, and divested from AGL and Origin as a result, but the fund’s holdings disclosure has not been updated since then.

Terms and methodologies explained

Known fossil fuel exclusions

Christian Super excludes investment in “Companies deriving more than 5% of their revenue from thermal coal mining, coal-fired power generation, oil sands exploration and development, and oil shale exploration and development (not to be confused with shale oil or shale gas).”

General fund information

Fund type: Industry

Assets under management: $1.7 billion

Members: 28,000

Date as at 30/06/2019

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