Cruelty Free Super

Australian share investments
Key: Fine Work to do Borderline Out of line Not Disclosed
61% 33% 4% 2% 0%

Cruelty Free Super discloses all of its shareholdings. The fund’s Australian share investments include 2% exposure to one company actively undermining the climate goals of the Paris Agreement – Mineral Resources, which is pursuing gas exploration in Western Australia. If Mineral Resources were to move to extract gas, it would be fall under Cruelty Free’s exclusion policy.

Terms and methodologies explained

Known fossil fuel exclusions

Cruelty Free Super excludes investments in companies “companies that mine, burn or extract fossil fuels, or in companies that provide significant services to the fossil fuel industry.”

General fund information

Fund type: Retail

Assets under management: $80 million

Members: 2000

Date as at 31/12/2019

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