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Hostplus invests $50 billion on behalf of hundreds of thousands of young Australians working in cafes and restaurants, as well as workers in the tourism, sports, and recreation sectors, which face the brunt of climate impacts.

Members want to see their fund investing in a clean, renewable future that protects the places and activities we love, not the polluting industries of the past.

Tell Hostplus to get our retirement savings out of dirty coal, oil and gas, and into the 21st century!

Australian share investments
Key: Fine Work to do Borderline Out of line Not Disclosed
23% 58% 19% 0% 0%

Hostplus discloses a list of all investment holdings for the SRI option, so we know none of this option’s Australian share investments is in companies actively undermining the climate goals of the Paris Agreement.

Terms and methodologies explained

Known fossil fuel exclusions

This option will “seek to avoid investing in:

  • companies that make any money from the production or exploration of coal, oil or gas or derive more than 10% of their revenue from the distribution of fossil fuels, e.g. pipelines.
  • companies that make more than 10% of their revenue from the provision of services to fossil fuel companies.
  • companies that generate electricity from fossil fuels, unless they are predominantly renewable energy companies and have a clear pathway to reduce emissions consistent with the Paris Agreement.”

General fund information

Fund type: Industry

Assets under management: $49.8 billion

Members: 1,302,000

Date as at 31/12/2020

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