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This investment option’s exposure to the Climate Wreckers Index:
Holdings disclosure date Exposure to Climate Wreckers Index (% listed equities)
31 December 2022 6.4%

The Climate Wreckers Index is made up of the 190 publicly-listed companies from all over the world with the biggest plans to expand the scale of the fossil fuel industry. Specifically, the list includes:

  • The top 60 oil and gas producers by expansion plans
  • The top 60 coal miners by expansion plans and coal reserves
  • The top 30 companies by new gas power plant development plans
  • The top 30 companies by new coal power plant development plans
  • The top 10 companies by liquefied natural gas (LNG) import and export terminal development plans

Together, these companies are planning new coal, oil and gas projects that could add the equivalent of almost 230 years of Australia’s national annual emissions! Take action and tell your fund to ditch all companies expanding the scale of the fossil fuel industry.

View the methodology for calculating exposure to the Climate Wreckers Index here.

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Coal exclusion policy

NGS Super’s Responsible Investment Policy states the fund will “…restrict any holdings with companies… that generate more than 30% of their revenue from the distribution, power generation, or extraction of thermal coal.”

Oil & gas exclusion policy

NGS Super’s Responsible Investment Policy states the fund will “…restrict any holdings with companies… who are in the oil and gas production and exploration sector.” The policy also states it defines these companies as per the GICS (Global Industry Classification Standard) sub-industry, meaning that this restriction does not apply to companies involved in oil and gas expansion that fall under a different GICS sub-industry definition, such as companies building new gas infrastructure or diversified companies where oil and gas production is not their main business activity. The policy also states: “One off exclusions can be determined by the CIO [Chief Investment Officer].”

Coal divestment action

NGS has divested from thermal coal mining companies like Whitehaven Coal and New Hope, and coal power generators like AGL.

Oil & gas divestment action

In August 2022, NGS Super announced its divestment from Woodside, Santos, and other pure play oil and gas producers and explorers.

The most recent holdings disclosure from NGS (effective 31 December 2021) shows investment in oil and gas producers like Woodside and Santos. However, NGS’ oil and gas exclusion policy will now have excluded these companies from its portfolio, which will be evident in the next disclosure (due by 30 September 2022).

Climate voting record

NGS Super discloses all of its proxy voting decisions in real time. The fund has supported 70% of climate-related shareholder resolutions from 2017 to 2020.

Voting information last updated: September 2021

Fund information

Fund type: Industry

Assets under management (AUM): $13.4 billion

Members accounts: 112,000

Fund information accurate as at: 30/06/2022

Source: APRA

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