WA Super Sustainable Future

Australian share investments
Key: Fine Work to do Borderline Out of line Not Disclosed
2% 0% 0% 98%

WA Super discloses the top 20 shareholdings in its Sustainable Future option. There is only one Australian shareholding disclosed for this option, and it is not one of the companies actively undermining the climate goals of the Paris Agreement.

Terms and methodologies explained

Known fossil fuel exclusions

This option seeks “To contribute to the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in a meaningful and measurable way,” and “seeks positive investments that support these three key themes: Environment; Life essentials; Human empowerment.” This strategy effectively acts to rule out fossil fuel investments.

General fund information

Fund type: Public Sector

Assets under management: $4.0 billion

Members: 56,000

Date as at 30/06/2019
Reference: https://www.wasuper.com.au/

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