As Market Forces is an environmental advocacy project that focuses on financial institutions, and not a financial adviser, we don’t make recommendations on where people should put their money. 

Rather, we publish information on which financial institutions are invested in or exposed to environmentally damaging activities and put people in a position to make up their own minds. 

The information provided is factual information, and not general or personal advice

People should should seek independent financial advice before making a decision in respect of their money.

We keep a list of over 120 banks, credit unions and mutuals here on our banks comparison table. You’ll be able to see which banks show up in our research as having loaned to fossil fuel projects and companies, which ones don’t have a record of fossil fuel lending and which banks have provided a statement on their fossil fuel lending policy.
We don’t recommend any one bank over another. It’s a personal choice and we recommend you consult a financial advisor before deciding where to put your money.

People will understandably have a lot of questions about rates, fees and accessibility. We can’t answer those questions, which is why once you’ve used our research to find a bank that matches your values on the issue of fossil fuels, you can speak to that bank or an independent financial adviser.

Market Forces manages the website Super Switch, where over 40 superannuation funds are profiled, showing their known exposure to fossil fuel companies and key supporting sectors. You can find out whether your super fund is investing in coal, oil and gas companies and use your power as a member to make your super fossil fuel free.

Market Forces’ research and campaigns are independent from financial institutions and we have not received, or sought, any financial gain from our work.

The more people chip in to support our work, the more likely it is that we can keep things this way so we encourage people to join us as a monthly donor, which you can do here.

Market Forces is part of Friends of the Earth Australia, and so all of our finances are managed by FoE.

Friends of the Earth Australia banks with Bank Australia.

We are an affiliate project of Friends of the Earth, so we are part of FoE. We have an alignment of our mission and values with FoE, so when Market Forces was created FoE kindly agreed that we could become part of their wonderful organisation.

We often work with other organisations on various campaigns and initiatives but that always depends on how well and how much our campaign programs match up. We often talk to and attend workshops and meetings with other NGOs and enjoy being part of a large and diverse movement working on environmental issues.

We get our funding from a combination of philanthropic institutions and large individual donors, and a growing community of people who contribute on a monthly basis to support our work.

We don’t receive any funding from financial institutions or governments.