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What future
is your Super funding?

Superannuation allows Australians the opportunity to retire with a greater level of comfort and security.

But what if the super that we retire with has been funding the environmental destruction and runaway climate change we need to avoid?

What if, by being invested in fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas, our super funds deliver us a polluted world to retire into?

Is your Super funding climate change? Watch to find out


Compare Super funds

Is your super fund is investing your retirement savings in polluting fossil fuels?


October 2023

The Great Superannuation Greenwash

How Australia’s largest super funds are using members’ retirement savings to vote against climate action


Apr 2023

The Climate Wreckers Index

The worst of the worst – the 190 companies doing most of the climate wrecking.


Mar 2023

Stewards of Climate Disaster

How Australia’s biggest super funds are failing to deliver on climate claims through ‘active ownership’.

Campaigns on individual funds

Are you a member of one of these super funds? Find out more and join the campaign:

HESTA Divest

Join the movement calling on HESTA to stop investing in fossil fuel companies causing climate destruction and strain on the health system.

Hostplus Divest

Hostplus invests on behalf of many young Australians working in cafes and restaurants, as well as workers in the tourism, sports, and recreation sectors, which face the brunt of climate impacts.

UniSuper Divest

While Australia’s academics, scientists and researchers work on climate change solutions, their super fund is investing their retirement savings in the companies causing the problem.

Did you know?

Australia’s 30 biggest super funds invest an average of 

9% of members’ share investments

in the 190 worst companies expanding coal, oil and gas.
If this average were consistent across the super industry,

over $140 billion

of Australians’ retirement savings would be invested in this dangerous group of companies.

Campaign news

28 May, 2024
Super funds invest $39 billion in fossil fuel growth
17 April, 2024
Super funds are (so far) failing to vote for greater climate action this year
25 March, 2024
Big coalition of civil society organisations put AustralianSuper on notice
13 March, 2024
New Analysis: Top super funds abandoning major fossil gas producers

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