July 2024

Banking Climate Failure

The broken climate promises of Australia's big four banks.

May 2024

The Climate Wreckers Index

Out of the tens of thousands of companies our superannuation funds could invest in, Market Forces has identified a global list of 190 companies doing most of the climate wrecking by expanding the coal, oil and gas industries.

April 2024

Hot air: How pumped-up active ownership claims are failing our climate

Market Forces’ latest analysis shows there is no correlation between investor support for directors at major fossil fuel developers and those companies’ climate performance.

February 2024

Do you pay more tax than the big fossil fuel companies?

Australia’s biggest fossil fuel companies often pay less tax than the typical Australian worker. In many cases, they barely pay any tax at all.
January 2024

Investor Disconnect on Climate Risk

Executives reveal mismatch between reality of climate risks and corporate reputation

October 2023

The Great Superannuation Greenwash

How Australia’s largest super funds are using members’ retirement savings to vote against climate action

Reports archive

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July 2020Australia’s pariah projects: the fossil fuel proposals threatening to bust our climate goals
May 2020Why banks must abandon Australia’s LNG industry
October 2018Unprincipled: Banks violate Equator Principles in financing coal-fired power stations
March 2018Investing in the dark [pdf]
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2017Foreign finance to Indonesian coal
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February 2016Burned: how superannuation funds have lost billions on fossil fuels
August 2015Fracking Finance: the investors behind Australia’s coal seam gas companies
June 2015Fueling the Fire: how the big banks are using our money to support dirty fossil fuels
April 2015The Dirty 3
May 2014Making your money fossil free
March 2014Carbon proofing your investments – Summary report: Screening fossil fuel exposure from the ASX 200
March 2014Carbon proofing your investments – Moving funds out of fossil fuels
May 2013Financing Reef Destruction

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Since 2016, the big banks have loaned billions to polluting fossil fuels. Find out which banks have been lending to the fossil fuel industry and tell them its time to stop.

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Compare super funds

Are your retirement savings funding environmental destruction? Find out which super funds are still supporting the polluting coal, oil and gas industries.

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Get the How to Switch Banks and Make it Count guide and ensure your money is used for good, not climate destruction.

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