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Recent research reports

Banks violating Equator Principles
Investing in the Dark update Feb 2019
Banks 2C scorecard 2018
Global coal finance
Risky Business

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Big Four banks 2C scorecard and map 2018

What future is your super funding?

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Reports archive

Title Author Publication Date
Funding climate failure: how Australia’s big banks are undermining the Paris Agreement Market Forces July 2020
Why banks must abandon Australia’s LNG industry Market Forces May 2020
Unprincipled: Banks violate Equator Principles in financing coal-fired power stations Market Forces October 2018
Investing in the dark [pdf] Market Forces March 2018
Global coal finance Market Forces November 2017
Singapore banks funding coal Market Forces 2017
Foreign finance to Indonesian coal Market Forces 2017
Risky Business Market Forces August 2017
Digging Deeper Market Forces 29 September 2016
Burned: how superannuation funds have lost billions on fossil fuels  Market Forces February 2016
Fracking Finance: the investors behind Australia’s coal seam gas companies Market Forces August 2015
Fueling the Fire: how the big banks are using our money to support dirty fossil fuels Market Forces June 2015
The Dirty 3 GetUp! – Research provided by Market Forces  April 2015
Making your money fossil free The Australia Institute, commissioned by and Market Forces  May 2014
Carbon proofing your investments
– Summary report: Screening fossil fuel exposure from the ASX 200
The Australia Institute, commissioned by and Market Forces March 2014
Carbon proofing your investments
– Moving funds out of fossil fuels
The Australia Institute, commissioned by and Market Forces March 2014
Financing Reef Destruction Market Forces,, Friends of the Earth, BankTrack May 2013