Shareholder action

Use your shares to change companies behaviour

The task of dragging our economy into line with a safe climate future is huge. But with your help we can make inroads one company at a time.

Our campaigns are only powerful because of the people behind them. 

We’re planning to hold as many companies involved in the fossil fuel industry and their financial supporters accountable for their actions at their annual general meetings (AGMs) this year.

Are you a shareholder?

We’re calling for anyone holding shares to let us show how you can use your power to change the way these companies behave.

Business as unusual

Shareholders are getting climate onto the agenda at Australian company AGMs.

It takes at least 100 shareholders to put forward a resolution – will you join us?


Asia Shareholder Action is an Asia-Pacific-based initiative that Market Forces is part of. We seek to empower shareholders to take action on climate change.

Campaign news

28 April, 2023
After record vote against climate report in 2022, Woodside now sees record protest vote against directors
6 April, 2023
Santos faces Traditional Owner ire, investor demands to manage down expansion plans
16 December, 2022
NAB fails to address fossil fuel lending loopholes at 2022 AGM
15 December, 2022
ANZ pulls the wool over investors eyes on climate at 2022 AGM

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