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Adani Mining accidentally reveals true identity in monumental PR fail

6 November 2020

November 6 2020

Yesterday, under the cover of the US Presidential Election, Adani Mining announced via coal-friendly media outlets that it was rebranding to “Bravus Mining and Resources”.

However, this quiet name change soon turned into a public relations disaster when the real meaning of bravus was revealed by Latin experts to have overwhelmingly negative connotations.

Adani Mining/Bravus Mining CEO David Boshoff told the Australian Financial Review that the name change had nothing to do with Adani’s brand being “toxic” and everything to do with wanting a change and a new identity.

Mr Boshoff also said that “bravus” was medieval Latin for “courageous”. However, Latin experts interviewed by The Guardian disputed this, saying it actually meant “crooked”, “deformed”, “mercenary or assassin”, “a bandit”, or “a cut-throat”. All meanings which are far more apt for a company building a massive new thermal coal mine in the midst of the climate crisis.

This basic mistake has resulted in the rebranding becoming international news, with parody twitter accounts springing up almost instantly.

There is little doubt that this rebranding has everything to do with Adani’s Carmichael project having become a significant financial and reputational burden on the conglomerate. Adani’s other key companies related to the Carmichael project such as Bowen Rail Company (Adani Ports) and North Queensland Export Terminal (formerly Adani Abbot Point Terminal) have also had “Adani” scrubbed from their names. There are now 89 major companies which are publicly committed to not having anything to do with the coal mine and rail line – with Adani/Bravus having ongoing trouble attracting finance and insurance. This number is expected to continue to grow, as #StopAdani activists pressure Lloyd’s of London insurers to take a stand against climate catastrophe.

While the name has changed, it’s the same old corporate criminal pushing the same old disastrous coal project. We expect that any bank, insurer and contractor approached by “Bravus” for support will do its due diligence and stay away from the reputational disaster that the Carmichael project and its associated coal port (North Queensland Export Terminal) poses.

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