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Adani’s first coal train stopped in its tracks. Let’s make it permanent.

16 November 2021

16 November 2021

A train carrying coal from Adani’s Carmichael mine is headed to Abbot Point/NQXT port so it can be exported to India and used to pollute people’s lungs a quarter of the way around the world while fueling the climate crisis. We know because it was spotted yesterday, broken down about half way between the mine and port, later confirmed by Adani.

Adani Group’s coal train stopped between the mine and the port, 15 November 2021. Video credit: Megan Byrnes

It’s a moment Adani Group will gloat about. But more importantly, this is a test of us all. We have always known this mine can be stopped, be it pre-construction, during, or even after it has been built. Quitting is not an option for us, especially as we’re so close to cutting off the most critical source of finance Adani needs: insurance. 

Adani has been deprived of insurance from Australia, the US, China and Europe. Forty-two insurers have publicly ruled out underwriting the project, but Convex Insurance has not.


Tell insurer Convex it must insure our future, not the Adani Carmichael coal project!

Unfortunately, some companies have blocked emails coming through the Market Forces website. They think that they can silence you. But we have created a workaround to make sure that your message will still reach them.

Make sure you’re signed-in to your preferred email client and then use this form to tell Convex that insuring Carmichael coal is terrible for the climate, the Great Barrier Reef, water supplies, biodiversity and its reputation!

The Carmichael mine was supposed to be already operating 7 years ago. It was supposed to produce 60 million tonnes of coal per year, six times its actual scale. It was supposed to be funded by banks, yet not a single external financial backer invested in it. It was supposed to be built by engineering companies Downer, Worley Parsons, and GHD but they all pulled out. All of this was made possible because people stood up in opposition, from the Wangan and Jagalingou who to this day are on site, defending their country from Adani’s diggers, to people in cities, towns and rural areas in Australia and beyond. 

This project has been a debacle from the moment Adani bought the tenements over a decade ago, right to the present moment, as even Adani’s first coal train broke down on the way to be exported. 

And it can still be stopped. We’ve chased Adani through global insurance markets to the point where hardly any options remain for it to keep operating the Carmichael project. If you can help us get the last few insurers out of this disastrous project we can stop these coal trains in their tracks, permanently. 

One of the few insurers left is London-based Convex Insurance.

Earlier this month we published a satirical video exposing Convex’s willingness to insure coal. It obviously hit the mark as Convex lodged a complaint to get it taken down from YouTube.

However, it is still available for sharing as widely as possible on facebook and twitter! Convex will be very disappointed in you if you share them…

We’re putting pressure on Convex and other insurers in the same markets to rule out any underwriting of the Carmichael project. 

Because we never give up. We’ll stop this project, together, and preserve every single lump of coal we can from leaving that site.