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Artwork contributes to supporting Narrabri locals

2 August 2018

In May this year, hundreds of people contributed to a crowdfunder to allow locals, including five farmers and a Gomeroi Traditional Owner, to attend the Santos annual general meeting to show the overwhelming community opposition to Santos’ coal seam gas project.

One supporter, Jenny McCracken, raised money for this crowdfunder by sharing the proceeds of a 3D mural she created on a water tower in Gulargambone, a small town just south of the Pilliga region.

You can see a video of Jenny’s artwork here:

This is what Jenny had to say about her artwork Lucky Dip :

Water is Australia’s most precious natural resource. We live on the driest inhabited continent on Earth, and out in Gulargambone one feels the reality of that fact. The water that is available is relied upon by people, animals, (both farmed and native) and plants alike, for their survival, and how we humans use and treat that water has immediate and long term effects on the health and well being of all life that depends on it.

This piece is intended to dip into that conversation, continue to inspire the need to protect this precious resource for it’s critical importance to all life. All the elements in the image are symbolic of the ‘stakeholders’ in the concept of water as a quantifiable ‘resource’; the quality and type of effect they might have in the equation, and the relationships they share.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the crowdfunder in May. You can view more of Jenny’s work at www.zestevents.com.au. 

Does your superfund have shares in Santos, the company trying to drill unconventional gas in Narrabri which is putting the Great Artesian Basin at risk? Click here to find out and tell your superfund to divest from dirty fossil fuel projects.