We’ve heard a lot about greenwashing lately, but this move from one of the world’s best known companies – General Electric – has to be one of the worst examples. GE is trying to spin off its power assets into a new company called Vernova, which GE wants us to think means “new green”. Yet this company would be loaded with fossil fuel projects, including dozens of new fossil gas projects.

We’re campaigning to get GE to dump these plans for new fossil fuels before it finishes creating this new company. But to make that happen we need to call out GE’s greenwash.

If you have an Instagram account, share our post to your story and tag GE! If you don’t use Instagram, call out GE by emailing its CEO.

GE has a big presence on Instagram, which it is using to promote its new “Vernova” brand.

If you have an Instagram account, follow the steps (or watch the instruction video below) to share a post to your story, calling GE out for greenwash:

  1. Open the Instagram app and find our new @marketforces_us account
  2. Tap on one of the images we’ve posted, then tap the paper dart icon to share it
  3. Tap “Add post to your story”
  4. IMPORTANT: Tag @generalelectric so that GE will see your story!
  5. Share the post to your Instagram story
  6. Follow @marketforces_us for updates!

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TOOK ACTION: International - GE Vernova email action - January 2023

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