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Tell Japanese companies to break up with dirty gas projects in the US Gulf

Japanese companies such as Mitsubishi Corporation (MC), JERA and Mizuho FG, MUFG, and SMBC Groups, are driving the growth of new polluting LNG (liquified natural gas) terminals in the climate-vulnerable US Gulf Coast.1

Communities in the US Gulf Coast are grappling with health issues, loss of livelihoods and the destruction of important wetlands stemming from existing LNG projects. Adding new LNG infrastructure will only exacerbate these problems. While the pollution in the Gulf from petrochemical companies has long been documented, the LNG projects in the area are adding to these health impacts such as skin problems and respiratory conditions like asthma. Fisherfolk in the area have been experiencing loss of livelihoods, who have seen a sharp decline in shrimp catch since the operation of LNG terminals. These LNG projects also jeopardize invaluable wetlands in the region, which serve as a vital ecological resource for communities.

Given the myriad of issues faced by communities in the Gulf Coast, global net zero emissions commitments and the companies’ own commitments, there is an escalating and urgent demand for Japanese corporations to reconsider their participation in new or expansionary LNG infrastructure projects in the region. Taking the US government’s pause on approvals for LNG export terminals as a clear sign and opportunity, Japanese financial institutions should withdraw funding from any new LNG investments, including those permitted or licensed but not yet under construction.

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Tell Japanese companies to break up 💔 with dirty gas projects in the US Gulf

1 MC is a sponsor of Cameron LNG and plans to participate in its expansion. JERA purchases LNG from Cameron and Calcasieu Pass, with a recent agreement to offtake from Calcasieu Pass 2 and is a sponsor of Freeport LNG. Mizuho FG, MUFG and SMBC Group have provided financing for Cameron LNG, Freeport LNG and Calcasieu Pass LNG.

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