Coal and gas concerns could shift $247 billion in super funds

Melbourne / Canberra, 11 March 2013 Polling has revealed that a quarter of superannuation fund members – representing $247 billion in pooled funds – would be prepared to move change superannuation funds if their current provider is found to be invested in coal and coal seam gas. The poll, conducted … Read More

Adani group fails to disclose significant material risk

Melbourne, 11 March 2013 Market Forces has today alerted the Securities and Information Exchange Board of India to a significant material risk to the Adani Group, which the company has failed to disclose to the market. Coal from Adani Group’s proposed $7.1 billion, 60 megatonne per annum Carmichael coal mine … Read More

Queensland leads public opposition to mining industry fuel subsidy

Melbourne, 24 January 2013 A nationwide survey has revealed strong opposition amongst Australians to fossil fuel subsidies. The poll, commissioned by new finance campaigning organisation Market Forces, comes alongside a new assessment showing federal subsidies to fossil fuels increasing by billions in the next few years. Currently, through the Fuel … Read More