The cost of HESTA’s half-arsed divestment? $165 million

26 November 2015 HESTA is an industry super fund for health and community services workers, managing around $32 billion for 800,000 odd members. In September last year, HESTA made a welcome announcement restricting future thermal coal investments across its portfolios. But the divestment was limited to just a fraction of … Read More

Fossil Free Funds launches in the US

16 September 2015 Similar to our own Super Switch project, the Fossil Free Funds initiative has been launched by US non-profit As You Sow. The project makes it simple for users to research their exposure to fossil fuel companies through the holdings of their investment funds. Tools like these are hugely important for people to … Read More

First State Super joins divestment party

12 September 2015 So First State Super has joined the divestment party, albeit turning up with warm VB rather than the ice cold microbrew we were hoping for. On Wednesday evening, the fund advised its members that it would be divesting from fossil fuels in its Socially Responsible Investment option. … Read More

Coal industry going for super funds

24 March 2014 Well here’s a sign that the coal industry is in trouble. But its going to need a response. The Australian newspaper ran a story that documented the coal industry’s plans to lobby fund managers – including Australian superannuation funds – to stay invested in coal. BHP, Glencore … Read More

Coal and gas concerns could shift $247 billion in super funds

Melbourne / Canberra, 11 March 2013 Polling has revealed that a quarter of superannuation fund members – representing $247 billion in pooled funds – would be prepared to move change superannuation funds if their current provider is found to be invested in coal and coal seam gas. The poll, conducted … Read More