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Divestment Day Live!

4 October 2016

On Friday 7th and Saturday 8th October, over 1000¬†Australians joined us for Divestment Day activities at 13 locations around the country. With hundreds of customers closing their accounts in protest of the banks’ dirty fossil fuel investments, and public demonstrations of community strength, the message to the banks was loud and clear: If you continue to choose fossil fuels, your customers¬†will choose another bank!

Check out some highlights of Divestment Day below.

Sunday, 9 October, 8.15pm

Video – customers around Australia divest!

Saturday 8 October, 5.45pm

Adelaide getting on with divestment!

Saturday 8 October, 4.17pm

Three happy divesters in Armidale

Saturday 8 October, 4.10pm

Brisbane tells the big banks: “No more fossil fuels!”

Saturday 8 October, 4.03pm

Newcastle – divesting to preserve the reef for future generations

Saturday 8 October, 3.58pm

Sydney divests en masse

Saturday 8 October, 3.11pm

Check out some of the highlights on facebook

Saturday 8 October, 2.58pm

Pablo and Taegen cut ties with Commbank

“By lending to coal and gas projects, CommBank is showing contempt for its customers and all Australians. Goodbye!”

Saturday 8 October, 2.44pm

Wonderful scenes at melbourne’s federation square today – check out some of 350.org’s photos

Saturday 8 October, 2.30pm

ex-Commbank customers lining up to ditch the bank over dirty fossil fuel investments

Friday 7 October, 4.58pm

Check out our facebook album for some highlights of the action so far

Friday 7 October, 4.02pm

canberra sending a clear message to the big banks

“If you continue to choose fossil fuels, your customers will choose another bank!”

Friday 7 October, 4.00pm

350.org sharing the cairns divestment action

Friday 7 October, 3.40pm

Geelong showing us what the banks are really funding with customers’ savings

Friday 7 October, 2.53pm

Divesting from NAB in townsville

Along with Jordan, other Townsville residents divested from the big banks for reasons including:

“They are not aligned with my values. I want to see the environment put before profit.” – Jacob

“I wouldn’t personally invest in fossil fuels and I don’t want my bank doing that with my money.” – Maree

“I hate global warming!” – Courtney

Friday 7 October, 2.09pm

Why are these guys are leaving CommBank? Watch the video to find out!

Friday 7 October, 1.22pm

Bendigo divests

Check out this great snap from the Divestment Day action in Bendigo!

The first photos of our regional divestment day activities are starting to come through, so check back to see more throughout the next two days.

Actions in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide are all set for tomorrow, so if you can make it along, sign up here.

Friday 7 October, 9.19am

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