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Fake dead dolphins delivered to big four banks over Santos oil disaster

23 February 2023


Thursday 23 February 2023: The big four Australian banks – ANZ, Commonwealth Bank, NAB and Westpac – have received a special delivery of ‘dead’ inflatable dolphins for financing oil and gas giant Santos, which allegedly killed marine life in a major oil spill.

The dolphins are being delivered to each of the banks on behalf of Santos, as the oil and gas company last week faced whistleblower accusations of covering up the oil spill off north Western Australia.

“With the big four banks collectively lending over $1.91 billion to the climate-wrecking oil and gas company Santos since 2016, they cannot wash their hands of this oil spill and cover up accusation,” said Will van de Pol, Acting Executive Director, Market Forces.

“Billions of dollars are still flowing to Santos and other companies expanding the fossil fuel sector. ANZ, CommBank, NAB, and Westpac are actively funding environmental and climate destruction.”

Each of Australia’s big four financial institutions has received novelty receipts along with the dolphins, with the message: “Delivered by Santos, paid for by the big four Australian banks.”

“By financing Santos and other fossil fuel companies undermining global efforts to limit warming to 1.5C, these banks are selling out our future.”

“The big banks can either continue to destroy our climate and environment by financing the expansion of fossil fuels, or support industries that protect jobs and the planet.”

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