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GESB members – take action!

1 November 2019

1 November 2019

Yesterday, the WA Climate Health Inquiry heard from organisations including Doctors for the Environment Australia (DEA) about the damage climate change is already doing to public health, and the dangers a warming planet poses to us all.* This follows the Australian Medical Association’s September 2019 declaration: Climate Change is a Health Emergency.

As the super fund for WA health professionals, GESB should be leading the push for a safe, healthy climate future. But GESB, is still investing in coal, oil and gas companies that are driving the climate crisis.

Contact GESB today and tell the fund to get your retirement savings out of every company that is undermining a safe, healthy climate future.

Earlier this year, Market Forces named the 21 big Australian companies that are actively undermining efforts to avoid runaway climate change. These companies are pushing ahead with new coal, oil and gas projects despite the desperate need to phase out fossil fuels. They are out of line, and out of time.

GESB has no fossil fuel exclusions, so almost certainly invests your retirement savings in companies like Whitehaven Coal, Santos, Woodside and Origin Energy. These companies’ business plans are completely inconsistent with the Paris climate goals, putting everyone’s health at risk.

Take action – Use this form to tell GESB fossil fuels are not healthy investments!

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*Read DEA’s submission here