GHD’s announcement doesn’t go far enough

On 16 December 2019, global engineering firm and Adani’s longest-serving contractor GHD updated a statement on its website revealing it has no ongoing contractual obligations on the climate-busting Carmichael coal mine project.

This is a welcome and important first step but disappointingly doesn’t go far enough.

After 10 years of helping to design and build Adani’s destructive Carmichael mine, GHD’s statement is a first-class case of greenwashing. Not only is GHD non-committal about ruling out work with Adani in the future, but its statement also leaves the doors wide open to supporting the fossil fuel industry’s expansion, defying the goals of the Paris climate accord.

GHD has worked on various projects for Adani, from initial environmental impact assessments to the design of the mine itself, preparatory work for dewatering and design of Adani’s rail line. Any work on the Carmichael coal project flies in the face of meeting the scientific recommendations set to ensure a safe future climate and goes against the “transition to sustainable energy” story that GHD sells its staff and clients. 

GHD’s statement is a first-class case of greenwashing.

Market Forces

In the midst of a climate crisis, a bushfire emergency and a crippling drought, Australians are experiencing the impacts of dangerous climate change first hand. We urgently need leadership from politicians and companies alike to take strong climate action. This can’t be done by continuing to work with the fossil fuel industry. 

The #StopAdani movement has held over 150 protests at GHD offices across Australia. More than 80,000 people have contacted GHD to ask them to stop working with Adani. GHD staff have become increasingly active and joined the #StopAdani movement in calling upon GHD to end their relationship with Adani. If GHD do enter into new Carmichael project contracts, Australians and GHD staff will hold them accountable. 

More than 80,000 people have contacted GHD to ask them to stop working with Adani.

Right now, eyes are on German tech giant Siemens who have signed up to complete signalling works on Adani’s proposed rail line. German CEO of Siemens Joe Kaeser has this week said he will review his company’s involvement in the project. Siemens needs to follow GHD’s lead and rule out working with Adani to protect their reputation and stay true to commitments to address climate change and sustainability.