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Tell GIP: don’t enable Woodside’s climate-wrecking Scarborough gas project

18 October 2021

18 October 2021

After thousands of community members took action, infrastructure investor Brookfield has reportedly decided not to partner with Woodside on its climate-wrecking Scarborough-Pluto gas project.

This is great news, and a reward for the efforts of community members who have made a stand against this project. But Brookfield’s decision leaves Global Infrastructure Partners (GIP) in the box seat to invest in the Pluto 2 LNG project, and enable Woodside to develop its massive proposed Scarborough offshore gas field.

Can you continue the fight against this project? Tell Global Infrastructure Partners not to light the fuse on Woodside’s carbon bomb.

Despite the science telling us there is no room for new fossil fuel projects if we’re to meet the Paris climate goals, Woodside is trying to build its destructive gas project on the West Australian coast, which would include a huge new offshore gas field (Scarborough) and a new onshore gas processing plant (Pluto 2).

If it goes ahead, it’s estimated the Scarborough-Pluto project would—over its lifetime—enable CO2 emissions equivalent to running 15 coal power stations for 30 years. The project also threatens irreplaceable rock art, which is under consideration for World Heritage listing, and fragile marine life.[2]

But Woodside doesn’t want to proceed with this project until it finds a partner in the new Pluto 2 gas processing plant. With Brookfield and a number of other threats now out of the running, GIP is the most likely to be that critical partner.

Take action

To stop the Scarborough-Pluto gas project in its tracks, we need to tell GIP not to invest in Pluto 2. Take action now!

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