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Help GLAS make time to Stop Adani

5 May 2022

10 May 2022

There are now 112 major companies that have ruled out providing any support to the climate-wrecking Adani Carmichael coal project. However, debt administration services provider GLAS is not one of them. With Adani’s Australian coal port, NQXT, currently looking to raise hundreds of millions of dollars in debt to repay bonds due later this year, GLAS could play a critical role in helping Adani fund its disastrous coal operations.

After actions at GLAS’ London and Australian offices, thousands of emails, and hundreds of phone calls from concerned community members, GLAS is still refusing to join its competitors in ruling out financial services for Adani’s Carmichael project. Perhaps it’s slipped their minds, so can you help remind GLAS Australia executives to make time to rule out Adani coal by sending them a calendar invitation?

For Google Calendar and the web browser version of Microsoft Outlook, use the form on this page.

For other calendar software users:

Guests: [email protected] (Managing Director of GLAS Australia), [email protected] (Head of Business Development)
Suggested event name (but you can make up your own): “GLAS, coal and climate policy setting”

What you need to do:

  1. Open up your online calendar.
  2. Pick a time in your calendar between 9AM-5PM AEST from now and a week or two into the future. Add a title like “Reminder: Rule out Adani” or “Note to self: don’t provide financial services to Carmichael and NQXT” – get creative and always remain polite!
  3. Copy the guest email addresses and paste into the invite field of your event. Make sure to click “send invitations” so the executives get an email notification as well. 
  4. Fill out the form on this page and select the “I sent my invitation manually using a different calendar client” option so that we can keep track of how many invitations have been sent!

Let’s fill GLAS Australia executives’ calendars with reminders that in the midst of the climate crisis, helping Adani fund coal is unacceptable!

Take action!

Use the form below to send an invitation to GLAS Australia executives, reminding them to make time to rule out Adani coal.

The form will automatically open and populate your calendar with the invitation details once you click the submit button. Please be sure to:

  1. Check that you are logged in to the email account you wish to send your invitation from before submitting the form.
  2. Once your calendar loads, pick a new time for the invitation between 9AM-5PM AEST between now and a week or two into the future.