Divestment stories

Divestment is about moving money, but more importantly it’s about people taking a moral stand about something they feel passionately about. There are hundreds of divestment stories waiting to be told in Australia and overseas. We want to help tell these stories and share them.

Below are just a few stories from people who have taken action to get their money out of fossil fuels.

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Get started on your divestment journey

If you bank with one of Australia’s big four – ANZ, Commonwealth, Westpac or NAB – put them on notice, telling them if they continue to invest in fossil fuels, you’ll find a new bank. You can use our bank comparison table to research over 120 banks and financial institutions’ positions on fossil fuel investment to find one that aligns more closely with your values. Our How to switch banks guide will help you through the divestment process, ensuring that your action makes the most impact possible.