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Keeping Euros out of dirty coal in Australia

22 May 2014

5 May 2014

If we’re going to stop new dirty coal projects getting funded, we need to work both in Australia and internationally. Market Forces is in Europe where, over the next couple of weeks, several banks that are key to new coal export projects in Australia are having their annual general meetings.

We’ll keep this page updated as our work rolls out to call on Deutsche Bank, Societe Generale and HSBC to avoid investments in projects that risk the reef and drive global warming. Help us out by following the actions on the page and sending the same message to the banks!

Monday 26th May 2014, 17.00

HSBC, Deutsche Bank and Credit Agricole have all taken positions against the financing of the Abbot Point coal port. But where are the Aussie banks? It’s time for them to lead.