Media release: Response to Origin greenhouse gas reduction target

14 December 2017

Response to Origin Eraring coal-fired power plant closure announcement – Market Forces

“While the headlines seem laudable, Origin is doing no more than closing Eraring on its 50-year use-by date.”

“In fact given that Eraring makes up approximately 70% of Origin’s overall emissions, the company is committing to increase its carbon pollution  across the rest of its portfolio.”

“Origin is effectively saying it will increase emissions by 57% across the rest of its portfolio to 2032, before closing Eraring at a point when it will likely be too costly to run anyway. This is not leadership, this is an attempt to claim credit for business as usual.”

Daniel Gocher, Analyst, Market Forces

Origin Energy is one of Australia’s largest energy companies, with the 2880MW Eraring coal-fired power stations in NSW and a 37.5% stake in the APLNG gas export facility in Gladstone.