PT Bukit Asam (Persero) Tbk is an Indonesia-based company, majority owned by the Indonesian government, primarily engaged in the coal mining industry. Its coal mining-related operations include research, exploration, exploitation, processing, purifying, transporting and trading; managing and operating ports and jetties for coal, either for internal or external use; managing and operating thermal power plants, either for internal or external use, and providing coal mining and production related consultation and engineering services.

Bukit Asam has coal mining concessions in several areas within Indonesia, including Tanjung Enim, Peranap, Palaran and Ombilin. It is also engaged in briquette manufacturing. Its briqutte manufacturing plants are located in Tanjung Enim, Indonesia, which produces carbonated briquettes, and Natar and Gresik, Indonesia, which produce non-carbonated briquettes.


Institution Total aggregate debt (US$ million) Number of deals Most recent deal date
Australia and New Zealand Banking Group $100 1 14/08/2014
Bank Mandiri $110 5 28/12/2017
Bank Negara Indonesia $29 2 20/01/2015
Bank Permata $13 2 19/11/2012
Bank Muamalat Indonesia $8 1 13/02/2015
Total $260 11 28/12/2017


Source: Bukit Asam 2015 Annual Report


Investor Ownership (%) Date
1. Government of the Republic of Indonesia (PT Indonesia Asahan Aluminium 65.02 31 Dec 2017
2.PT Bukit Asam tbk 8.51 31 Dec 2017
3. PT Jamsostek (Persero) 2.77 331 Dec 2017
4. PT TASPEN (Persero) 1.54 31 Dec 2017
5. The Vanguard Group 1.2 31 Dec 2017
PT Prudential Life Assurance 0.98 31 Dec 2017
7. Dimensional Fund Advisors 0.76 28 Feb 2018
8. PT AIA Financial 0.65 31 Jul 2016
9. BlackRock Institutional Trust Company, N.A. 0.16 31 Mar 2018
10. PT Pamapersada Nusantara 0.39 31 Dec 2017

PLEASE NOTE: The US$ figures presented are the sum of lenders’ corporate loans to Bukit Asam from 2008-2017. The ‘number of deals’ column indicates the number of deals (of a total of 11 transactions identified) in which a bank has been involved.

Information comes from Bukit Asam’s annual reports. Occasionally, where information is incomplete, assumptions must be made about data and these were made in a consistent manner and in good faith. Whilst we endeavoured to gather and include all relevant deals, we cannot guarantee the completeness of the information presented. All deals were either primary loans or had an unspecified purpose.

Last Updated: 28 April 2018