Toba Bara Sejahtra (Toba Bara) operates three mining concessions located in East Kalimantan through three of its subsidiaries. Its coal sales are primarily to countries in Asia, approximately 25% to Korea and 16.6% to India.

Toba Bara is majority-owned by Toba Sejahtra, which as of January 25, 2017, was itself majority-owned by Highland Strategic Holding Ltd.

Toba Bara itself is publicly traded and was listed on the Indonesian Stock Exchange in 2012.

According to its Annual Report, in 2016, it entered into power generation, signing a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN) and planning to construct a coal-fired power plant (2×50 MW) in Sulawesi. In April 2017, it signed a PPA with PLN in respect of another 50MW coal-fired power plant in the area.

The company also engages in palm oil processing through a subsidiary.

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  • Secured Credit Facility to Toba Bara, Indomining, Adimitra Baratama Nusantara,  Trisena Mineral Utama and  Toba Bumi Energi
  • Lenders: BNP Paribas, Citigroup and Standard Chartered
  • Secured Credit Facility to Toba Bara and Adimitra Baratama Nusantara
  • Lenders: BNP Paribas, Citigroup and ANZ
  • Secured Credit Facility to Indomining
  • Lender: Standard Chartered Bank
  • Working Capital Facility to Adimitra Baratama Nusantara
  • Lender: BNP Paribas
  • Credit Facility to Indomining
  • Lender: Indonesia Exim Bank
  • Secured Credit Facility to Adimitra Baratama Nusantara
  • Lender: Bank Mandiri

Structure of Toba Bara

Toba Bara Shareholders

Investor Ownership (%) Filing Date
1. PT Toba Sejahtra 71.79 30 Sep 2016
2. Bintang Bara B.V. 10.00 30 Sep 2016
3. PT Bara Makmur Abadi 6.25 30 Sep 2016
4. PT Sinergi Sukses Utama 5.10 30 Sep 2016
5. Prakoso (Roby Budi) 3.64 30 Sep 2016
6. Pandjaitan (Davit Togar) 0.75 30 Sep 2016

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