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Quynh Lap 1 and 2 (2400 MW)

Quynh Lap 1

Location: Quỳnh Lập commune, Quỳnh Lưu district, Nghệ An province

Estimated cost:

  • Quynh Lap 1: US$2.2 billion (80:20 debt to equity ratio)
  • Quynh Lap 2: US$2.5 billion (75:25 debt to equity ratio)

Expected financial close: unclear


  • Quynh Lap 1: Under Construction
  • Quynh Lap 2: Planning

Expected completion: after 2030

Quynh Lap 2

  • POSCO (South Korea)
  • POSCO Energy Co (South Korea)
  • Export Import Bank of Korea (KEXIM)


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Information updated: 18 Nov 2020

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