Super funds undermining climate commitments

29 November 2021

Our super funds have had a number of critical opportunities to force companies they invest in to step up on climate action over the past couple of months. Yet our new analysis finds they’ve been squandering these opportunities by voting against climate action. With more crucial climate votes coming up, we need your help to change that right now.

Next month, ANZ, NAB and Westpac all face shareholder votes urging them to stop funding expansion of the fossil fuel industry, consistent with the goal of net zero emissions by 2050. All funds should vote in favour of these resolutions, especially those with their own net zero commitments.

Take action, demanding your super fund vote for climate action on your behalf.

By investing our retirement savings in company shares, super funds get a say in how those companies are run. This includes voting on formal proposals at companies’ annual general meetings (AGMs).

We reviewed the voting records of the seven big super funds that have net zero commitments and also disclose their voting within days of an AGM. All but one of those funds voted against two or more key climate-related proposals in Australia since September. 

In fact just 10 of the 32 votes identified were cast in favour of climate action. And given most funds haven’t even disclosed how they voted yet, climate voting records could be even worse across the broader superannuation sector.

We have a chance to turn this around in the next few weeks. But we need to speak up now, and tell our super funds to vote in favour of the climate-related shareholder resolutions coming up at the big banks’ AGMs.

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FundNet zero emissions commitmentVoting disclosureAGLCommonwealth BankOrigin EnergyWhitehaven CoalBHPNew Hope Corporation
Active Super2050CurrentNot heldAGAINSTAGAINSTNot heldAGAINSTNot held
NGS SuperCarbon neutral by 2030CurrentFORFORFORNot heldFORNot held
Telstra Super2050CurrentSPLIT (against + abstain)AGAINSTAGAINSTNot heldAGAINSTNot held

Research scope & methodology

This study reviewed all top 40 super funds by assets under management (as per APRA fund-level stats, 2020, Trustee level), and identified seven that:

  1. Have made public commitments to the goals of net zero emissions or carbon neutrality; and
  2. Disclose proxy voting decisions within one week of an Australian annual general meeting.

These disclosures were reviewed to find how the 7 funds voted on each of the following shareholder proposals (calling for alignment with global climate goals) at AGMs in the second half of the 2021 calendar year:

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