Take action – Call out Cbus’ climate hypocrisy

With millions of people around the world taking to the streets to call for urgent action to halt the climate crisis, Cbus has proved itself a massive climate hypocrite.

At AGL’s annual general meeting, Cbus voted against a shareholder proposal that asked Australia’s biggest carbon polluter to reduce its emissions and phase out coal power in line with the Paris climate goals.

Take action – use the form to demand an explanation from Cbus, and tell the fund you won’t stand for your retirement savings being used to block real climate action.

Last year Cbus joined a global investor statement calling on governments to reduce emissions and phase out coal power in line with the Pars goals. Yet the fund has rejected this golden opportunity to make the same demands of a company they own (on your behalf)!

Cbus needs to hear from members like you today. Take action to call the fund out over this hypocritical climate failure.

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