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Taya’s divestment checklist

8 July 2014

Taya_divest8 July 2014

Taya recently divested from ANZ and wrote out a check-list of step she took. As she notes the journey is not only morally rewarding but also enjoyable!

Taya’s divestment checklist

  1. Investigate my bank’s involvement in supporting the fossil fuel industry (heavily involved – one of the worst offenders) using Market Forces online divestment campaign tools (https://www.marketforces.org.au/banks/compare/)… CHECK.
  2. Send letter to ANZ Head of Corporate Sustainability (easy – Market forces online tool does it for you)… CHECK.
  3. Write a personal response to said Head after seeing their standard template reply, asking for a phone conversation… CHECK.
  4. Have an enlightening and frank 40 minute conversation with said Head about the likelihood of ANZ shifting their investment portfolio toward supporting a low carbon transition… CHECK.
  5. Investigate the myriad of banking options that are not investing in the fossil fuel industries… there’s lots!…CHECK.
  6. Open new bank account with a credit union… CHECK.
  7. Spend months working out all of my direct debits and account linkages and switching them to new credit union (the hardest bit – not really that hard!)… CHECK.
  8. Close my savings account with ING DIRECT (double divestment fun!) when I realise my credit union offers way better savings options… CHECK.
  9. Take swanky photo of myself and send short statement about my reasons for divesting to Market Forces for use in their campaign… CHECK.
  10. Attend peaceful protest outside ANZ Annual General Meeting… CHECK.
  11. Locate Rediteller ATMs for my new bank (it’s really not hard)… CHECK.
  12. Write detailed letter to the branch manager of my accounts at ANZ stating my reasons for closing my accounts… CHECK.
  13. Join a bunch of other folk in Brisbane City on National Divestment Day to close our accounts together… CHECK.
  14. ACTUALLY close my account at ANZ (they were lovely – no questions asked, even though I had a few things to say. They ASSURED me they’d pass my letter on to the branch manager on Monday)… CHECK.
  15. Chopped my ANZ Debit Card into tiny pieces… CHECK.

I have officially divested from ANZ – the largest supporter of coal and gas projects in Australia out of all Aussie banks! It wasn’t entirely easy, but then again, it wasn’t entirely hard… and it was totally worth it!

Get your check-list out, and start divesting today… it’s fun!