Westpac’s marketing made a little bit more honest

29 January 2016

After years of heavy lending to new fossil fuel projects, and being the only “big four” bank to have failed to distance itself from the proposed Adani Carmichael mega coal mine, we decided it was about time the bank’s marketing caught up with the reality of their fossil fuel lending.

So a few activists went out and rebranded one of Westpac’s branches this week to be a little bit more honest about their sustainability criteria. Check out the results below!

Our chance to get Westpac out of dirty fossil fuels

Right now, Westpac is working on an update to its climate change policies and action plans. This is a major opportunity to cut off another source of potential funding for the Adani Carmichael coal mine, as well as drag Westpac’s polices on climate into line with their rhetoric of wanting to support an economy that limits global warming to less than 2ºC.

We need to act fast: Contact Westpac today using the form below to demand that their updated climate policy clearly rules out lending to new fossil fuel projects, starting with the proposed Adani Carmichael mega coal mine!