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Lloyd’s insurer W.R. Berkley is refusing to rule out Adani

18 August 2020

One of the things Adani needs for both the construction and operation of its climate-wrecking coal project is insurance. And we now know where Adani is getting it from.

In June, a leak from a brave Marsh (Adani’s insurance broker) employee exposed Lloyd’s of London insurer Aspen as one of the companies currently providing insurance for the Carmichael project. 

A week after that deal was exposed, thanks to the quick response of supporters like you, Aspen publicly committed to not renew their insurance policy with Adani.

Now, a Lloyd’s of London employee has confirmed to a European climate activist that the Adani Carmichael project was being insured by multiple companies operating in the Lloyd’s of London insurance marketplace.

So, with Aspen out of the picture, we now need to find the remaining insurers involved in the deal.

One of the Lloyd’s insurers most active in the energy sector is W.R. Berkley. Not only has it refused to respond to questions about its involvement with Adani Carmichael, but it is also one of the current insurers of the disastrous Trans Mountain tar sand pipeline in Canada. This shows it could be a company willing to work on a project like Adani’s Carmichael. It is time to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Tell W.R. Berkley to commit to refuse insurance for the climate-wrecking Adani Carmichael coal project once and for all using the form on this page.

Currently, 17 of the world’s biggest insurers are refusing to insure Adani’s Carmichael project. However, many more, particularly those active in the Lloyd’s of London insurance market, remain open to helping Adani, with some of them insuring it right now.

This is why we need to ramp up the pressure on all the remaining insurance companies operating in the Lloyd’s of London marketplace and have them rule out Adani’s coal project – starting with W.R. Berkley.

Help us make sure the insurance deal Adani so badly needs doesn’t get renewed under our watch. 

Email W.R. Berkley and Lloyd’s of London now.


Tell W.R. Berkley to rule out insuring the climate-wrecking Adani Carmichael project: