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1 November 2017

1 November 2017

Today we marched down Collins Street to confront the companies that are doing business with Adani, ending up at the International Mining Conference where the CEO of Adani Australia was set to deliver an address to a crowd of Australia’s mining elite.

The day began with the strengthening of the Victorian Climate Change Act, and recognising the need for governments to take climate leadership seriously. In the absence of such government action to stop Adani’s mega coal mine plans for Queensland’s Galilee Basin, Melbournians took to the streets to shine a light on corporate Australia and demand that companies stop supporting the Carmichael coal mine. We visited the offices of AECOM, EFIC, FIIG, ICBC, Downer and Marsh to tell them not to support Adani’s single-minded determination to build the largest coal mine in Australia.

Thank you to everyone who turned out! Remember to check out the Adani List to find out more about all the companies involved and to send them your thoughts about why they should end their support for a billionaire destroying some of Australia’s most precious water resources and disregarding the rights of traditional landowners.

If your group wants to take action on corporations supporting the Adani Mine, get in contact with Market Forces’ #StopAdani Campaigner Matt ([email protected]), who will work with you to make plans and create some materials. We’re going to hold a series of actions outside AECOM offices across the country to hold this deeply hypocritical company accountable for undermining its own climate adaptation projects by supporting Adani’s mega mine!