Adani’s plans to dig up hundreds of millions of tonnes of dirty Galilee Basin coal are gargantuan, requiring input from a range of project partners. And every company that helps this nightmare become a reality would be partly responsible for the environmental and climate devastation the Carmichael project stands to inflict.

High risk companies, which have known links with Adani or the Carmichael project, are featured below. Hover over or tap on the company logos to learn how each is connected, and click to take action. Further down the page is a more comprehensive list of companies that may be involved, broken down by sector.


These companies have known links with Adani or the Carmichael project. Hover over or tap on the company logos to learn how they are connected, and click to take action.

There are company-specific actions for QBE, AMP, QIC, State Bank of India, while the other high risk companies can all be emailed from the one form.

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This is a more comprehensive list of companies that are at risk of becoming involved in the Adani Carmichael project, broken down by sector. Hover or tap on the company names to learn how they are connected. Use the form to take action, asking the at risk companies to rule out any involvement. The companies already connected to Adani are covered by this generic action, but if you have time, please click the logos above to take specific actions relating to those companies.


CompanySectorWhat they have said
AECOMRailway"Our people have demobilised. We’ve handed over our [railway] design to the client [Adani]. It’s up to them what happens after this."
ANZFinance"[ANZ's exposure to coalmining] is pretty small and trending down and I can’t see a time where we’d suddenly see that trend shift, to be honest”
- Shayne Elliott, CEO
AXA*Insurance"AXA has decided to end investment and insurance support to... mining companies deriving over 50% of their turnover from coal mining."
Bank of ChinaFinance"[Bank of China] has not, and does not intend to, provide funding for the Adani Carmichael Mine project"
BarclaysFinance"Barclays has no plans to participate in financing the Abbot Point development or its associated mine/rail infrastructure"
BNP ParibasFinance"BNP Paribas do not intend to be involved in the financing of the development of coal mines projects in the Galilee Basin in Australia, nor of related dedicated infrastructure projects"
China Construction BankFinance"China Construction Bank is not involved with, nor considering involvement with, the Adani Carmichael Mine project... nor will they be considering involvement in the future.“
China Merchants BanksFinance“China Merchants Bank is not, and does not intend to be involved in the Adani Carmichael Mine project.”
CitibankFinance"Citi is not involved and does not plan to be involved in any financing for the Abbot Point expansion"
CommerzbankFinance“Commerzbank does not finance projects for new coal mines.”
Commonwealth Bank of AustraliaFinance"We are not amongst the banks who have been, or will be, asked to consider this financing"
Credit AgricoleFinance"Due to the number and magnitude of issued linked to the planned coal development projects in the Galilee Basin, Credit Agricole SA does not intend to finance these projects or their associated facilities"
Credit SuisseFinance“Credit Suisse will not provide any form of financing that is specifically related to the development of a new greenfield thermal coal mine, or where the majority of the use of proceeds is intended for a new greenfield thermal coal mine.”
Deutsche BankFinance“We are currently not involved with this project and will also not be involved with it in the future”
Downer EDIMining"Adani and Downer have mutually agreed to cancel all Letters of Award relating to the mine services and the related infrastructure."
Goldman SachsFinance"Specific to Abbot Point, we will not finance any project or initiate loans where the specified use of proceeds would significantly convert or degrade a critical natural habitat"
HSBCFinance"[HSBC] is extraordinarily unlikely to go anywhere near [Abbot Point]"
"HSBC will no longer support new thermal coal mines"
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Finance“ICBC has not been, and does not intend to be, engaged in arranging financing for this project.”
INGFinance"ING will not provide financial services that directly refer to... new thermal coal mining"
JPMorgan ChaseFinance"We will not finance... a new greenfield coal mine or a new coal-fired power plant in a high income OECD country"
"We do not finance natural resource projects within UNESCO World Heritage Sites unless... such operations will not adversely affect the Outstanding Universal Value of the site”
KBCFinance“KBC [has stopped] financing new, coal-fired electricity generation, including coal mining.”
Morgan StanleyFinance"Morgan Stanley will not lend to or invest in the expansion of Abbot Point"
NABFinance"NAB is not involved and has no plans to be involved in any financing for the Carmichael coal mine"
NatixisFinance"Natixis has committed itself to end its financing of coal-fired power plants and thermal coal mines worldwide. Natixis has also decided to no longer accept new advisory or arrangement mandates linked to financings of this type."
NRW HoldingsCivil / Mining[Regarding commercial dispute over previous project]: "Clearly, we wouldn’t be taking those sort of risks in the future... An example of that might be an Adani."
RabobankFinance"We will not directly finance the exploration, extraction or production of coal used for power generation"
Royal Bank of ScotlandFinance“RBS is not involved in the Abbot Point expansion project and has no plans to be involved in the future”
SCOR*InsuranceSCOR will no longer “issue insurance or facultative reinsurance that would specifically encourage new greenfield thermal coal mines"
SEBFinance“SEB will not enter into new business relations with companies
with major business in coal mining”
Societe GeneraleFinance"Societe Generale is not currently involved, and does not plan to be involved in the coal mine and infrastructure projects associated with the Galilee Basin in Australia" (Translated)
Standard CharteredFinance"Both parties [Standard Chartered and Adani] have agreed to end the bank's role in the Carmichael project"
"We will not provide project finance or project finance advisory services to new standalone, non captive thermal coal mining projects"
US BancorpFinance“[US Bancorp] does not provide project financing… for the development of new coal mines.“
WestpacFinance“We will limit lending to any new thermal coal mines or projects (including those of existing customers) to only existing coal producing basins and where the calorific value for that mine ranks in at least the top 15% globally"

* We don’t know if these companies have ever insured coal projects in Australia previously


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