Australia reluctantly agrees to OECD coal finance restrictions

18 November 2015 Finance ministers from the OECD group of wealthy nations have reached an agreement to stop financing the highest polluting new coal power plants. Originally proposed by Japan and the US, the deal ensures that all new coal plants will only eligible for OECD government finance if they … Read More

New report puts the spotlight back on fossil fuel subsidies

12 November 2015 The huge ongoing problem of governments around the world pumping hundreds of billions of dollars into fossil fuel production has been brought back into the spotlight by a new report published by US-based Oil Change International and the UK’s Overseas Development Institute. Titled Empty promises: G20 subsidies to … Read More

2014 Federal Budget response

Melbourne, 13 May 2014 “This budget is a huge ‘up yours’ to the clean, renewable energy industry, climate change action and environmental protection,” said Market Forces Lead Campaigner Julien Vincent. “If appointing a climate change denier to head the review of the Renewable Energy Target wasn’t clear enough, today’s abolition … Read More

Cutting Fossil Fuel Subsidies a boon for the budget, reduces pollution

Cutting Fossil Fuel Subsidies a boon for the budget, reduces pollution 27 February 2014 An alliance of Australia’s leading environment and community organisations has today renewed its call for the Australian Government to cut fossil fuel subsidies. The Federal Government currently spends over $10 billion a year on incentives for … Read More

“Age of Entitlement” alive and well for fossil fuels

Originally posted in RenewEconomy on 3 March 2014 “Age of Entitlement” alive and well for fossil fuels As Australian industries queued up in early 2014 to announce their impending closure, adding tens of thousands to the ranks of the unemployed, Joe Hockey was steadfast. Forget about bailouts from government. “The … Read More

Market Forces 2013 budget response

Melbourne, 14 May 2013 Responding to the 2013 Federal Budget announcement, Market Forces Lead Campaigner Julien Vincent said: “When it came to the major opportunities for boosting the budget by cancelling polluter handouts, the Government has again cowered to the lobbying and pressure of big mining at the expense of … Read More

Queensland leads public opposition to mining industry fuel subsidy

Melbourne, 24 January 2013 A nationwide survey has revealed strong opposition amongst Australians to fossil fuel subsidies. The poll, commissioned by new finance campaigning organisation Market Forces, comes alongside a new assessment showing federal subsidies to fossil fuels increasing by billions in the next few years. Currently, through the Fuel … Read More