VicSuper: Protect ALL Members From Climate Change Risks

22 February 2016 We have heard from some of their members that VicSuper are currently considering how they treat the issue of climate change, and the myriad of financial and moral issues wrapped up in it. After seeing a host of other funds mistakenly “tackle” this issue by screening out … Read More

Moreland Council asks Vision Super for their divestment plan

12 February 2016 On Wednesday night Moreland City Council in Melbourne voted unanimously to ask Vision Super, the local government employees fund, for their plan for managing climate risk. Vision Super manages around $7 billion, which includes investments in fossil fuel companies. The Council motion recommends that Vision Super put … Read More

Super funds lose $5.6 billion on dirty fossil fuels

9 February 2016 Having analysed the returns of fifteen of Australia’s largest superannuation fund options over the past two years, Market Forces estimate that those options have collectively lost over $5.6 billion on their fossil fuel investments over that time. Our new report Burned details this analysis, and highlights the urgent environmental and moral need … Read More

Did Vision Super divest on the quiet?

15 December 2015 Early last week, Vision Super posted a press release on their website announcing their commitment to sustainable investment. Vision Super also updated their website, adding a page dedicated to “Sustainable Super” and the calming image of a wind farm on its home page. This was followed by … Read More

The cost of HESTA’s half-arsed divestment? $165 million

26 November 2015 HESTA is an industry super fund for health and community services workers, managing around $32 billion for 800,000 odd members. In September last year, HESTA made a welcome announcement restricting future thermal coal investments across its portfolios. But the divestment was limited to just a fraction of … Read More

Fossil Free Funds launches in the US

16 September 2015 Similar to our own Super Switch project, the Fossil Free Funds initiative has been launched by US non-profit As You Sow. The project makes it simple for users to research their exposure to fossil fuel companies through the holdings of their investment funds. Tools like these are hugely important for people to … Read More