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Media Release

Media release: Siemens decides to work on Adani Carmichael coal project

13 January 2020

Responding to the news that Siemens has decided to continue working on the Adani Carmichael coal export project, Market Forces Executive Director Julien Vincent said:

“Siemens’ appalling decision to keep working on Adani’s climate-wrecking coal mine shows its indifference to the horrendous climate change impacts being faced by Australia and the rest of the world. Not only is Siemens trashing our environment and climate, but its own sustainability credentials.

“Siemens CEO, Joe Kaeser, received tens of thousands of requests from Australian and international communities, and today solidified its commitment to help Adani open up the Galilee Basin to millions of tonnes of thermal coal. 

“What’s worse is that Siemens supported their decision by publishing a page of nonsense from Resources Minister Matt Canavan. Australians overwhelmingly oppose the Adani Carmichael mine and for the self-described Minister for coal to claim otherwise is clearly deceitful.

“If Adani’s coal mine was a terrible idea in 2019, in 2020 it represents a downright insult to all those who have had their lives turned upside down as bushfires maraud across Australia this summer. The unfolding bushfire crisis in Australia, which has already killed over 20 people and one billion native animals, is just a taste of what is to come if fossil fuel projects like Adani’s go ahead.

“If Siemens’ board thinks this is the end of the conversation, they’re kidding themselves. Siemens will face huge public opposition at its AGM on the 5th of February and will have to explain to its shareholders why becoming part of the most reputationally risky projects in the world is in the company’s best interests.”

Market Forces will be supporting stakeholders affected by the impacts of climate change from Australia to attend the Siemens AGM in Munich on 5 February.