Aurecon attempts to spin its way off the Adani List

18 March 2019

Aurecon, a major consultancy working for Adani’s Abbot Point coal port, is taking Orwellian corporate spin to a new level by telling university students and its own staff it is not working on the disastrous Adani Carmichael project. It justifies this line by conveniently re-defining the project in a way that just so happens to exclude the part it is working on.

University students who’ve spoken to Aurecon staff at careers fairs across Australia told us that Aurecon claims the Carmichael project only includes the proposed coal mine and railway line, but not the port out of which the coal would be exported.

Market Forces has also learned this same line is being used internally when staff raise concerns about Aurecon’s involvement with Adani.

Students give flyers out at Aurecon stand at Melbourne uni careers fair

Adani’s climate-wrecking Carmichael project involves a mine, railway line and port. Its purpose is to dig up coal solely for export to India and potentially other markets in Asia. Without the port, which Adani has approval to expand by 20%, this coal can’t be exported. That’s why Adani bought the port in 2011. This makes Abbot Point coal port an integral part of the Carmichael project and Aurecon complicit in its development.

For Aurecon to define the Carmichael project as just the mine and railway line is dishonest and corporate spin at its worst.

Aurecon has also been at pains to point out that it has provided design and engineering advice to Abbot Point coal port for over 30 years – that is, before it became part of the Adani Carmichael project. This is good to know, but doesn’t change the current reality that Aurecon is now working for a coal port that’s part of a destructive project in the midst of a global climate emergency.

For Aurecon to define the Carmichael project as just the mine and railway line is dishonest and corporate spin at its worst.

If Aurecon doesn’t want to be associated with the climate-busting Adani Carmichael project the solution is obvious. It must end its work for Adani’s Abbot Point coal port. Playing loose with the truth with potential graduates and its own staff is not a good look

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Contact Aurecon and ask it to stop helping Adani steal our precious water, undermine aboriginal land rights, ship more coal through the Great Barrier Reef and ruin our chances of bringing global warming under control by filling out the form below.

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